Birchard Family Historyvolume 1 cover

For those interested in Birchard Family History, you may order copies of two volumes lovingly written by Edna Manning Laughter. These two volumes are first of a four-part series that traces a family from Puritan Connecticut through Ontario Quakerism and on to Pioneering the Canadian Prairie.

Volume I is The Quiet Puritans: The Birchards of New England, Volume I, The History of a Family, Birchards, McMillans and Rears. It starts with the Birchard family in Essex, England in 1520 and tracks the family in Colonial Connecticut. Some members of the family are followed through the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Other highlights:

Volume I was reviewed in the September, 2006 issue of “The Nutmegger,” the periodical of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists.

volume 2 coverVolume II, The Pioneering Quakers: The Birchards of Ontario starts with Jerusha Butler Birchard’s ancestors. Elisha Birchard’s father and grandparents are identified. Elisha’s children became Quakers and immigrated to Ontario. Volume II continues the story of the Birchard family when three brothers from Vermont, sons of Elisha Birchard, migrate into Upper Canada and become Quakers in the early 1800s. Their grandfather, who had previously been unknown to Elisha’s descendants, is identified. Many letters, pictures and other documents have been discovered that were generated by various members of the family. The story of the Birchard family is continued through the thirteenth generation from their genesis in Essex, England. Some highlights:

Note: Documenting family history is an ever-evolving process and not all information obtained is correct. See a list of corrections to this volume submitted by readers.

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The third and newest addition to the series is now available: The Wandering Scots: The McMillans of Ontario, The History of a Family Birchards, McMillans and Rears, Volume III.